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House showing: A home seller's guide

by Evelyn Forston 02/26/2024

As a seller, you may find yourself trying to piece together a mental list of everything needed for a successful home sell. Between getting photos of your listing and marketing, there’s much to be done to get your home sold off the market. 

When preparing for home showings, small details make all the difference in providing a positive experience for potential home buyers who come to visit your property. This is why it’s crucial to take the following steps to enhance your home showing. 

Is your home neat & tidy? 

First impressions are key during home showings, as this may be the first time a potential buyer gets the chance to see the home up close and personal. Removing clothing items, toys, collectables and more can help to clean up the space, so it can be viewed to its full potential. 

Tidying up can also help to depersonalize the area to make room for potential buyers to better envision their life living in the home. 

Relocate your pets

Even though your pets are loved, and their cute behavior may be viewed as adorable by your household, it’s still a courtesy to relocate them during home showings. 

Pets may be distracting and take away from your guests' home viewing experience. Consider momentarily housing your pets with a trusted friend or pet hotel for optimal comfort away from home. This will also help avoid any issues for visitors who might have allergies.

Be flexible with scheduling 

Although the process of balancing selling your home and other matters of your personal life can be challenging, it pays off to have a flexible schedule with home showings. A flexible schedule allows you to display your home to more potential homebuyers, increasing the chances of getting your home seen by a buyer with much to offer. 

It’s beneficial to work closely with your real estate agent to pinpoint areas in need of improvements around your home before showings, as well as to advertise that your home is open to viewing.

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